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‘ Workations ‘, an industry on the rise

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‘ Workations ‘, or vacations with work, formed by joining the words work (work) and vacation (vacation).

It is often used to refer to the days of work that one performs from a different location than usual. It is very common, for example, even in times of teleworking during the pandemic, for companies to require their employees to reside in the same province or to have the possibility of going to the office in less than two hours.

However, there are more and more companies that grant a few days of ‘ workations ‘, in which the employee must fulfill his working day but can do it from anywhere on the planet.

That is the market niche that Hurtigruten tries to serve Expeditions , one of the key companies in exploration voyages. The cruise line has launched an alternative to working from home where you can “enjoy wildlife, nature and adventure for part of the day and then take advantage of high-speed WiFi when you have to work.”

“With so many people working from home, we’ve created the ultimate work-from-anywhere experience. If your schedule is considerably flexible, you can work from your cabin or anywhere outdoors on the ship. However, on your long breaks, you can explore national parks like Redwood or Acadia, or spot bears at Katmai National Park.

Or visit the Aleutian Islands, one of the most remote areas of the country. With us, your lunch break can include a hike through the towering trees of the Pacific Coast, joining a lobster boat on the Atlantic coast, or kayaking in pristine Alaskan waters. We also offer unbeatable funding if you work from the balcony as we cruise the fjords of Alaska, the coast of Maine,” said Storm Tussey-Haverly , Interim President of Hurtigruten . Americas .

Hurtigruten has identified six of its many global itineraries as especially suitable for those willing to combine work and travel. They are itineraries through regions where WiFi is fast and secure, even at sea. That includes the West Coast of the United States, Alaska and British Columbia, or from Halifax to Boston.

Anyone who wishes can expand the information on the company’s website.

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