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Where to study blockchain?

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It is no surprise that one of the most demanded courses is blockchain technology, given the importance it has acquired in recent years and its omnipresence in the technological, digital and financial fields. So you don’t get lost, here is our advice on where to start.

Universities and business schools already offer almost all blockchain courses. We have searched through the catalogues, and we offer you this list with some of the most recommended options:

Business Applications (IESIDE)

IESIDE proposes a program focused on blockchain. It lasts 72 hours, face-to-face over a Friday and Saturday. Its objective is that those who complete it have the necessary knowledge to start a business based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain Master ( Tutellus )

Cryptocurrency online course offered by Tutellus whose main objective is that its students can work as consultants specialized in blockchain or open their own business. You start practically from scratch.

Master in blockchain and fintech (IEBS):

This master’s degree from the prestigious IEBS tries to offer its students a global vision of blockchain technology with the ultimate goal of undertaking new business models. It’s online, with 48 weekly classes and has the added attraction of having industry experts involved on the course.

Blockchain and Bitcoin: Essential Basics (Udemy)

An online course with hour and a half video lessons explaining the essentials of blockchain and Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency. It allows your students to understand key concepts such as mining and the blockchain as well as how Bitcoin works.

Finally, although enrolling in a course is highly recommended to achieve a complete education and, incidentally, obtain a degree, you can also complement your training with some of the best books on the subject, such as ‘ Blockchain : The industrial revolution of the internet’, ‘ The blockchain Developer ‘ or ‘ Blockchain Revolution ‘.

In addition, there are many blogs with very valuable information. This is one of them, of course, but we also recommend others such as Decrypt , CoinDesk , EthereumDev , the latter specialized, as its name suggests, in the world of Ethereum.

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