The rise of self consumption solar kits
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The rise of self-consumption solar kits

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The rapid rise in the price of electricity, which does not seem to have peaked yet, together with growing environmental awareness, have created a perfect storm for more and more people considering to install photovoltaic solar panels, that is, those capable of generating electricity. Here is a series of tips on how to create a homemade solar kit.

In the market you can find self-consumption photovoltaic panels from 200 Euros, which is not bad at all. However, anyone who is crafty and has the time can create their own board for about half that price, a significant saving! However, the following issues must be considered:

Materials : You need a base of a material that does not transmit electricity. Wood is solid, acrylic weighs less. You also need solar cells, which are sold in specialized online stores. The new ones are very expensive, but they can be found second-hand, or with minor defects. They are sold, by the way, both loose and in a kit prepared for a panel.

Accumulators: Their purpose, as their name anticipates, is to store energy, which is why they are often called batteries. They are especially important for those areas where there are not so many hours of sunshine.

The car inverter works: A photovoltaic inverter is responsible for transforming the 12V of the battery into the 220V used by domestic consumption. The good news is that the car’s inverter, the same one that is used to plug in a cigarette lighter, works for us. Just cut the cable and that’s it, it’s good to go.

Converters: Also called DC-DC converters, are necessary to compensate for the differences in voltage between the accumulator and the photovoltaic generator.

Warning : If what you want is to cover all your energy needs, normally a single home panel will not be enough. It will allow you to recharge mobile devices, which is not bad at all, and may provide you with a few hours of light, but contemporary consumption, which is high, usually requires a more complex system. Therefore, unless it is a hobby or you are an electricity expert, it may be better not to undertake such an ambitious project.

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