Adwatch the Spanish startup that certifies digital advertising with blockchain
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Adwatch, the Spanish startup that certifies digital advertising with blockchain

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Digital advertising has several drawbacks, including that it is prone to ad fraud, that it is difficult to know who sees ads and where, and finally that it is difficult to track and measure. Adwatch is the startup that is coming to change all that and is aiming to offer transparency thanks to blockchain technology.

Adwatch claims that it can fix the current opacity of digital advertising in three steps. First, taking advantage of blockchain technology , the rules of each advertisement are defined individually. “And most importantly, you will know if real people or bots are seeing your ads.” Then, Adwatch can track the entire ad journey no matter where or how many times it’s shown. This means that you know exactly who your audience is. Finally, in the third step, by establishing immutable traceability, “you no longer have to worry about fraudulent ad purchases or impressions.” In theory, according to those responsible, the entire process is totally fluid.

If these claims are confirmed, it would be a beneficial new use of blockchain technology that could revolutionize the world of digital advertising. In fact, it should attract large advertising investors who want to maximize the benefit-to-cost ratio of their campaigns as clients.

“The growth of digital advertising investment is unstoppable at a global level, as well as the growth of new technologies where companies are increasingly obliged to provide a differential value where technological innovation can be decisive,” José Luis Casado told MarketingDirecto , CEO of Adwatch “In addition, the tools that provide this security and transparency can raise the stakes of advertisers in the digital medium, as well as the certification mechanisms that guarantee said transparency and security, values that are more than necessary today.”

Adwatch ‘s potential clients , at least in this initial phase, are publishers and agencies, key players in the field of digital advertising. Its great claim is that it can certify the data thanks to blockchain technology , as it is the first company that uses it for these purposes.

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