Edison Interactive Partners with DanAds to Launch Digital Out-of-Home Self Serve Platform
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Edison Interactive (EI)Partners with DanAds to Launch Digital Out-of-Home Self Serve Platform

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Today, Edison Interactive (EI), a leading out-of-home (OOH) content management system for connected screens in golf cars, rental vehicles, hotel rooms and beyond, has today launched its first digital out-of-home (DOOH) self-serve platform in partnership with DanAds, the world-leading provider of self-serve advertising technology.

EI’s self-serve platform will allow brands to access exclusive DOOH inventory throughout the U.S., including ad placements on Shark Experience presented by Verizon with plans to expand into hotel rooms, ski resorts and rental vehicles later this year.

Developed in collaboration by golf legend and entrepreneur Greg Norman and Club Car, Shark Experience presented by Verizon is available nationwide across 360+ courses on 35,000 golf cars. The cars leverage Verizon’s 4G LTE network to give golfers a connected experience, enabling music streaming, real-time sports tickers, PGA Tour scores, dynamic yardage, Greg Norman tips and more. With 4 billion annual ad impressions and more than 11 million rounds of golf played on the platform, this self-serve advertising solution offers truly unique inventory, reaching previously untapped audiences like never before.

“DOOH advertising is in high demand, making it previously challenging for SMBs to take advantage of inventory in easy and affordable ways. We wanted to level the playing field for businesses both large and small,” said Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO and co-founder of Edison Interactive. “Through this new advertising technology, EI is helping brands better engage with their audiences in more meaningful ways, driving 4x more online activity per ad dollar spent than traditional advertising. We couldn’t be more excited to make DOOH advertising more accessible and to be powering next-generation adtech.”

Edison Interactive Partners with DanAds to Launch Digital Out-of-Home Self Serve Platform

The launch of Edison Interactive Ad Manager powered by DanAds is announced today. Edison Ad Manager opens up access to DOOH for SMBs with budgets as small as $500

With the launch of this new self-serve platform, EI has opened the opportunity for both global brands and businesses with a budget as small as $500 to advertise on exclusive, owned and operated inventory in a variety of categories. Regardless of size or budget, brands can purchase, manage and select DOOH inventory at the scale they desire, on their own terms. New advertisers can have their campaign live within minutes as the platform is user-friendly, not requiring any expertise or training and provides free creative ad builder services.

With Edison Ad Manager, it has never been easier to buy, manage and launch campaigns that initiate value and results.

Using DanAds’ leading technology, Edison Ad Manager gives businesses the flexibility to choose audiences, budgets and ad formats that work best for them, enabling brands to advertise at exclusive locations at a national, regional, and state level, or at specific course locations. Featuring robust reporting capabilities, advertisers are in control of their campaign experience from start to finish, including the ability to design and test various creatives to maximize campaign results.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the first OOH self-serve platform accessible to all advertisers,” said Istvan Beres, CEO at DanAds. “In the past, the restrictions of building creative for OOH have often limited advertisers, but these constraints are no longer the case for DOOH as you can utilize standard IAB ad unit sizes. Edison Ad Manager makes it easy for even inexperienced advertisers to create their own quality creative directly within the platform.”

DanAds works according to a digitally scalable business model, as a license and commission-based SaaS company that enables its customers to become more autonomous and increase their sales by automating their advertising sales.


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