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The Money 20/20 Europe News Rundown

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Money 20/20 is the biggest fintech event in Europe and is a massive showcase for industry leaders to show off the latest in financial technology.

Across 3 days, Europe’s biggest fintech show was in Amsterdam and this was the first full version of the event since the pandemic. While it did have an event in 2021, this didn’t feature every aspect of the event.

So what went down?

Talking Crypto

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies were always going to come up and at Money 20/20, it did.

Peter Smith, the CEO & Co-founder of blockchain.com was talking about governments accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He mentioned that governments should be supporting cryptocurrencies, but not just a single cryptocurrency like the Central African Republic and El Salvador had done.

Anne Boden of Starling Bank highlighted the number of fraudsters and scammers operating in the cryptocurrency space and how much time is spent dealing with this over promoting crypto to their customers. She did also admit that this mightn’t be permanent and in the future, the landscape would likely be safer for consumers and they could promote it rather than spending their time combatting fraud.

Valentin Stalf of N26 saw crypto as an “asset class” and stressed that with a lot of young investors, it’s important to recognise that losses are possible in the same way that gains are.

Helen Hai of NFT and Fan Token dubbed the ultimate goal of blockchain to be the “free transfer of values” to build on the free transfer of information. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she was a fairly enthusiastic proponent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Mambu’s Trio of Collaborative Announcements

The cloud banking platform Mambu had a few announcements at Money 20/20, too. The first of these was a partnership with Western Union to build their WU+ digital banking app.

They’ll also be working with Plazo, a Spanish neobank on the development of their lending solutions through Plazo Credit S.L.U., which will act as the provider for these services once Mambu is fully integrated.

Mambu also announced that Allica Bank is now live on their platform and has “been able to expedite the migration of a complex loan portfolio at impressive speed.”

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