How to build customer loyalty through gamification
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How to build customer loyalty through gamification

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Marketing departments that use gamification manage to improve consumer engagement and enhance interaction with the brand. In addition, “since consumers are the ones who have an active role, looking for the game and participating in it, the value of the brand is improved”, they explain from Emeraude Escape, a startup specialized in gamification for companies.

These are, according to the startup , the eight best tips to retain consumers through a marketing campaign based on gamification:

Set clear objectives

Players must know exactly what the objectives and goals they have to achieve in the game are, so it is essential that its operation is explained correctly. In addition, it is recommended that the game is simple and that the levels that must be overcome are short.

Offer rewards

With them, the commitment of the players is increased, increasing loyalty and positive feelings towards the brand. The rewards can be both prizes, coupons, discounts, product samples… as well as badges that recognize achievements within the game itself.

Promotes competitiveness

Competing with other users makes consumers feel like their activity matters. In this way, they are motivated to continue playing and improve their results.

Promotes collaboration

Collaboration between players can also be promoted so that they create teams that compete with each other, develop strategies and work together.

Identify the objectives you want to reach with gamification.

The game allows you to obtain a large amount of data that will be used to make future decisions in the business. For this reason, it is important to define the target audience to be reached and from whom the maximum amount of information should be obtained.

Create a community

The players share an interest in the game, so it is important to create a community in which they can interact. In this way they obtain social recognition, can discuss strategies, share opinions, learn together and motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

Set dates

For the marketing campaign to be successful, it is necessary to limit the time that the game will be active, the achievements that the players have to achieve each day or week and when it will end.

Get feedback

Players know at each moment of the game what their progress is, so it is advisable to congratulate them if they have managed to level up, if they have obtained a badge or if they have finished the game. In this way, we value their participation and will allow them to find other ways to continue interacting with the brand.

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