XMReality launches two new products to increase online sales
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XMReality launches now two new products to increase online sales

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This week XMReality has launched two new product plans available for purchase directly online.

XMReality has since late 2019 provided the market with the option to purchase a mobile-only version of the product online, called XMReality Business.

As adoption of the technology has grown, and with that user sophistication, XMReality is now launching two new product plans, Professional and Professional Plus. Both plans are more comprehensive with extended functionality compared to Business.

XMReality launches two new products to increase online salesRemote guidance technology saw a great upswing because of the pandemic and as a result XMReality has gained a deeper understanding of how the software is used by customers. It became clear that a mobile-to-mobile solution was not enough for most industrial use cases since the person guiding someone primarily did so from a computer. The two new product plans, Professional and Professional Plus, therefore include functionality to be used on PC as well as mobile phones. Professional Plus can in addition also be used on smart glasses and includes additional integration capabilities.

“The majority of our sales is carried out by our sales team, and we know that larger customer accounts will require interaction with a sales representative. I however believe that the online sales channel is important for us for two reasons; primarily to make it easier for a customer to make a purchase at their own convenience and secondly for us internally to reduce customer acquisition cost.” Says Andreas Jonsson, CSO at XMReality and continues “So far, we are the only company within our market niche to offer the possibility to sign up for the product online and this I believe is a competitive advantage.”

For a potential XMReality customer there are now three product plans available to choose from: Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise, all adapted to support professional usage. Anyone has the possibility to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Professional and can during the trial period test all hardware agnostic in-call capabilities offered by the solution such as group calls, recording, hands overlay and document sharing. For access to additional features, such as advanced admin functions, statistics, integrations and branding, a customer can choose to purchase either Professional Plus or the Enterprise offer. For more information about the different plans, visit XMReality’s website.

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