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5 Useless Tech Products You Shouldn’t Buy

Published by IT-technews

A dog collar that sends tweets, an oven with Wi-Fi, a tampon that warns when it needs to be changed, a bottle with a touch screen, slippers connected to a smart laptop, a portable fridge with bluetooth speakers… Believe it or not, there is an endless list of everyday objects that have had technology unnecessarily added to them. However, some of these have come from the minds of the world’s most brilliant people.

The list below is not so unintentionally funny, but in any case, they are technological products in which we do not recommend spending a single euro on!

Suitcases that follow their owner

Unveiled at CES 2019, this suitcase promises to follow you wherever you go. The idea is not bad at all, especially for the clueless. The problem is that it seems impractical: how will it navigate crowded environments like airports and stations? In addition, in such environments, it is best to hold the suitcase well, to avoid disappointment and potential problems with security.

Sony Vaio Mouse Talk

Of course, just having a mouse to use for your laptop or desktop is not enough. Oh no! You need to also be able to use it to talk on the phone. Yes, surprisingly, the product exists and no, you do not need it.

A shower head with Alexa

For those who do not value privacy at all and/or need to be permanently connected, here is this shower head from Kohler, the Moxie Showerhead, which features an Alexa-connected speaker. It can be yours for just over 200 euros.

A box to store your mobile

It is called The Pause Box and it is used so that, in social gatherings, attendees put their mobiles inside. The box then blocks the Wi- Fi signal , calls and any activity from the devices. Nothing to object to, except that mobile phones have airplane mode and, oh, surprise surprise, they can be turned off!

Keyboard pants

If you have found yourself uncomfortable when typing with your laptop on your legs, worry not, here is the solution: keyboard pants. The problem that we can see is that it is hardly elegant for public use…

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