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Uttopion, the Spanish metaverse

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Uttopion was born during the Covid-19 lockdown, when Soraya Cadalso and Miguel Ángel Fito, entrepreneurs who usually focus on restaurants and musical events, decided to try their luck with the organization of digital concerts. They did so well that they had inadvertently created a music-centric metaverse. Since then, the project has not stopped growing and, thanks to Lanzadera’s support, it has just closed its first million-dollar sale.

When you enter the Uttopion website, the first thing you see, at the top, is a video that looks like the trailer for one of those world-building video games. The graphics aren’t amazing, but they are enough to give you an idea of what awaits you in this metaverse, which, it must be said, is quite similar to the world we know in the West. It is about highlighting that you can create a universe to your liking – it remains to be seen if that will really be the case.

The text that accompanies the video explains that Uttopion is the first metaverse without barriers, that allows you to create exclusive content in personalized spaces, that you can connect with friends or the community in a simple way and, finally, invites you to register for a sale in which a thousand unique plots of land can be purchased in ‘ musichood ‘ and ‘ sportsvilla Spain’.

It is that same website, which is not exactly a design prodigy, which informs us of the three main characteristics of the metaverse:

-Buy one or more plots in our Sportsvilla or Musichood worlds . Insert your email and you will receive instructions by mail.

-Build a virtual replica of a club, concert hall, stadium, or festival. Sell tickets or create unique experiences for your customers and fans.

-Your land is an NFT guaranteed by a unique code through a digital contract. Being your property, you can exploit it, sell it or rent it.

The project appears to be a roaring success. Since he was chosen by Lanzadera, the accelerator of Juan Roig, Mercadona president, among his projects for 2022, has managed to sell a million and a half euros in plots.

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