Trends in the world of NFTs
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Trends in the world of NFTs

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Non-Fungible Tokens have been one of the biggest phenomena in the digital and art industry in recent years. However, there are many who end up with NFTs that nobody wants and only a few who have become millionaires with them. To guide you in such a complex market, here is a guide to the current main trends.

Entrepreneurs magazine, in an article dedicated to NFTs, gave us one of the first clues. “One of the NFT trends for this year has to do with the boom in the Metaverse. Apart from learning the multiple benefits of an even more connected world, it is possible that in the coming months certain metaverse projects will begin to be seen in the world of NFTs . In what could be conceived as a saturated market, everything indicates that investors, creators and users in general will begin to gravitate towards the Metaverse with greater traction. The advantages of blockchain , cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be offered within the Metaverse, which will lower the barriers to entry.”

Another interesting trend, especially for those who are not rich, is the possibility of fractioning NFTs . Estefania Casu explains that “while crypto billionaires are gleefully buying up Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, those six and seven figure NFTs are way out of the price range for the average crypto user. But unlike traditional works of art, it is possible to fractionate an NFT, dividing it into several (cheaper) parts that can be bought by the less well-off.” That possibility has existed for about a year, but it gained popularity towards the end of 2021.

For the Islabit website, on the other hand, one of the biggest trends is that of ticket sales as “event organizers can use the ticket sales system to create the necessary number of NFT tickets on their preferred blockchain platform. They can even program NFTs to set a sale price or operate the sale as an auction where people can start bidding on tickets.”

They are not the only outstanding trends for 2022, but they are three of the most likely to establish themselves during the rest of the year and generate good dividends among those who bet on them.

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