Proven high performance – Landitec’s network hardware now officially certified by OPNsense
Home NEWS Proven high performance – Landitec’s network hardware now officially certified by OPNsense

Proven high performance – Landitec’s network hardware now officially certified by OPNsense

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The German value add distributor of networking equipment Landitec announces another official certification of its own brand scope7, which is a product group of hardware solutions consisting of powerful as well as scalable hardware components combined with secure and efficient open source software.

After the performance and quality certification process officially validated by the open source SD-WAN software developer flexiWAN in April 2021, several scope7 appliances now have recently undergone performance tests – officially observed and executed by the Dutch open source firewall project OPNsense – in which the performance has been measured and compared with contemporary technology and quality standards in today’s IT field. The confirmed results of the tested scope7 units underscores the fact that Landitec, being an official OPNsense Platinum Partner, does not leave it to coincidence to provide features such as reliable product quality and high performance.

Frequent extension of product range with certified state-of-the-art hardware

Offering high quality and powerful performing hardware products is just a first obligatory step which needs to be taken to be recognized as a reliable network hardware distributor. The business philosophy of Landitec always goes one step further by maintaining this predefined level of high quality. Landitec declares this described status as minimum goal and consistently strives for best possible performance outcomes of their networking hardware solutions. In order to provide clients with a definite overview and a confirming verification of performance results, Landitec successively extends its product range with certified state-of-the-art appliances. These hardware solutions constantly keep up with the enormous development speed of IT, ensuring to always be technically up to date: a circumstance which the German hardware distributor defines as a top priority quality label.

Outstanding performance results – approved and certified by OPNsense

Whether for SOHO, medium sized or large enterprise network infrastructures, Landitec provides a wide-ranging series of OPNsense certified hardware appliances, deployable for various project scenarios. Regarding the certification process, the compatibility of scope7 solutions with core features of the open source software OPNsense – such as firewalling (routing/NAT), AES-NI, IPsec, VLANs, intrusion prevention and webproxy – has been tested. In addition, the appliances also have undergone general performance tests with focus on link speed, routing performance, firewall performance and IPS performance. The result values confirm an overall gapless compatibility of all tested appliances, whereas the performance results verify high throughput values in all tested sectors. To sum up, the OPNsense certified scope7 hardware appliances ensure a seamless and altogether satisfying product experience, noticeably optimizing the security and efficiency of network infrastructures.

About scope7
scope7 is Landitec’s own brand for ready to use hardware appliances. Engineered to offer an ideal platform especially for open source software solutions, scope7 appliances can be deployed in small sized up to large enterprise purposes. Due to a set of appliances built with different components, the scope7 appliances are able to also match specifically tailored requirements. Already made pre-tests ensure a trouble-free process between hardware and software, saving valuable time. Due to its open source-based software platform, users can profit from advantages such as saving license fees, open verification of software solutions, vendor independence and flexibility.

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