Kongsberg Digital adds VESPER by Vessel Performance Solutions to the Kognifai Marketplace
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Kongsberg Digital adds VESPER by Vessel Performance Solutions to the Kognifai Marketplace

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Kongsberg Digital has added VESPER, a tool developed by Vessel Performance Solutions (VPS) for optimizing operational efficiency through advanced modeling and analytics, to the extensive range of applications offered on the Kognifai Marketplace.

VESPER supports current environmental reporting such as IMO DCS and EU MRV, and will cover also future regulatory requirements including calculation, monitoring and trending of the CII.

VESPER’s features include efficient monitoring of large fleets, establishing a framework for continuous optimization in both the long- and short-term. Vessel performance indicators can be merged into a single performance indicator for the entire fleet whilst retaining the ability to drill down to individual vessels, enabling organizations to follow optimization progress at any level: vessel, segment or fleet. An example of how this can benefit shipowners and charterers is by enabling them to predict performance and fuel oil consumption so precisely that vessels can be chartered out on more accurate terms. This can deliver an increase in profit margins of up to 10%.

VESPER provides deep insights into hull, propeller, main engine, baseload and boiler performance. It also monitors data quality, with its advanced data validation module providing instant feedback and long-term statistics on the error percentages of the data received from the vessels. A Crew Feedback module involves the onboard crew in the optimization process, presenting information in a relevant way to their day-to-day activities and enabling them to act quickly and independently on the findings.

Environmental reporting and compliance

Delivering environmental data to meet the latest legislation is becoming increasingly important in the maritime industry. VESPER can automatically produce reporting fulfilling IMO DCS, EU MRV, and EEOI demands. This information can either be forwarded to verifiers digitally, leaving them to generate the required reports, or shipowners may choose to deliver the reports, providing the opportunity to review them before they are submitted. VESPER is currently being updated to deliver decision-making information in accordance with the latest IMO decarbonizing legislation about CII.

“Digitalization of workflows and reducing carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important to stay competitive in the shipping market,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President, Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. “The latest report from the United Nations’ intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) recently published calls for drastic measures to reduce CO2 emissions. The maritime industry needs practical solutions to meet legislation aimed at reducing emissions. This is why we are very pleased to partner up with VPS, and to offer their VESPER application on the Kognifai Marketplace, as their technology offers a solution to meet current and upcoming legislation in the industry.”

Vessel Insight Infrastructure

Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight is a cost-efficient data infrastructure solution that enables shipowners and operators to start and succeed with their digitalization process. While Vessel Insight collects and contextualizes data from vessels, top-level applications use the data to solve a predefined set of KPIs. VESPER will now be available on the Kognifai Marketplace, a network of partnerships that provides access to a range of market-leading applications that can be utilized by Vessel Insight subscribers to become more sustainable and gain a competitive edge. The Kongsberg Digital Customer Success Team will assist Vessel Insight subscribers wishing to implement the application.

“Vessel Performance Solutions is delighted to join with Kongsberg Digital, as Vessel Insight is a perfect product match to the part of our market which prefers to have data transferred directly from the gauges and sensors onboard,” says Kristian Bendix Nielsen, one of the two founders of Vessel Performance Solutions. “Both VPS and Kongsberg’s Digital believe that the more qualified information is made available to the crew and the office, the more efficiently and sustainably they can operate their vessels. That is our core business, in fact.”

By adding VESPER to the Kognifai Marketplace, Kongsberg Digital and VPS are strengthening their common digital offering to the benefit of all Vessel Insight subscribers and the maritime market in general. The application will be available at the Kognifai Marketplace from August 2021.

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