Johnny Larsson discusses the impact of big data AI and transparency
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Johnny Larsson discusses the impact of big data AI

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Proptech innovations, such as usage of big data and AI, are becoming more and more common in the property industry.

What do you think Proptech will mean for the future of property management?

Proptech improves the access to data and information becomes easier to trade when it is digital. In the future, I believe and hope that we will be able to access information outside our own assignments and therefore make better decisions, whether it is to decrease costs, increase revenues or improve the conditions for our tenants. Increased transparency makes it possible to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

What was the implementation of Estate Logs like for FamLa?

I am very pleased with our implementation. The actual implementation of the service itself went very smoothly. Estate Logs system is easy to use and has worked well. Some people have had an easier time getting into the new routines than others – but that is how it always is with changes.

Johnny Larsson discusses the impact of big data AI and transparency

Johnny Larsson

What changes has FamLa seen in its properties since the implementation of Estate Logs?

The biggest change is that routine work has become more structured and that the transparency has improved. We have decreased the costs of property caretaking and at the same time increased our tenants satisfaction.

From your perspective as a property manager, why is it important to work with sustainability in properties?

In the property industry you make a lot of decisions that have an important long-term effect on both the company itself as well as the environment. By focusing and prioritising the sustainability in properties, we can contribute to ensure good conditions for current and future generations.

How has FamLa, together with Estate Logs, increased the sustainability of its properties?

The most obvious thing is that we achieved higher cost efficiency. What is remarkable is that we now have a unified platform that has created the possibility to meet the increasing demands of sustainability and social responsibility.


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