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Latest news from Finerio Connect

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Finerio Connect, the open banking company, has made headlines in recent months thanks to its recent awards and associations with other well-known companies. To keep you up to speed, here is a summary with the most recent news.

As per usual in our articles, before listing the main new features of Finerio Connect, we are going to briefly introduce the company to you.

If you ask them personally, Finerio Connect claim that they facilitate the creation of more inclusive, efficient and empowered financial solutions through technology and data. Its mission is to develop technology so that its clients integrate financial solutions and tools that adapt to the needs of users quickly and flexibly. All of this with the aim of being the main technology organization in Latin America for open finance with solutions fully adapted to clients in the region to achieve total financial inclusion.

And now, we head to their most recent exploits.

Alliance with Ozone API and Visa

Finerio Connect has just announced its collaboration with Mexican fintech Ozone API and Visa to help financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean navigate the open banking ecosystem. Together, the three companies will offer a suite of end-to-end tools, solutions and capabilities that will enable rapid deployments, commensurate with each market’s “readiness” and compliance requirements.

Award at Fintech Americas 2022

Finerio Connect was recognized in the first annual edition of the Fintech Americas Awards 2022 in the category of “Infrastructure, ecosystem & Back End”. The award ceremony took place within the framework of the Fintech Americas Miami 2022 event ‘The future is hybrid’, a meeting for leaders of banking and financial services in the region committed to transformation.

Nick Grassi recognized at the Distinguished Young Alumni Awards

In early April, New York University awarded the Distinguished Young Alumni award to Nick Grassi, former student of the educational institution and Co-CEO and Co-founder of Finerio Connect, in honor of his career as a promoter of financial education in Mexico and Latin America.

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