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Elon Musk’s new plan and other recent Tesla news

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Tesla, possibly the most mediatic company of the already mediatic Elon Musk, generates news at such a fast pace that it is difficult to keep track. So that you can easily stay up to date, here we have collected some of the most interesting recent headlines dedicated to the famous company.

-The Master Plan for Tesla, Part 3: On August 2, 2006, Musk published an entry on the company’s blog titled ‘The Secret Master Plan for Tesla Motors (Between You and Me)’. That plan was followed by a second part, which in turn has been replaced, or rather expanded, by a third. The initial goal of financing more affordable models with the profits generated by high-end models has not changed. Nevertheless, now it is about something more ambitious: how to achieve a scale large enough to change the Earth’s energy infrastructure.

-The charging stations that Elon Musk plans, according to the latest information, will also include a drive-in theater, restoration and, to give it a retro touch, a skating rink. We will see if this is one of the ideas that can come to fruition.

-According to the most recent forecasts, BMW and Tesla will be the two best-performing large car companies in 2022. Tesla is expected to improve its profits by 46.3%, reaching a phenomenal figure of 12,549 million euros. It would be the best result for the company and the third consecutive year with benefits, after the 672 achieved in 2020 and the 5,146 last year.

-The United States road safety agency has published a report in which it ensures that Tesla’s autopilot has caused 70% of traffic accidents related to level 2 self-driving systems – when the vehicle is responsible for braking, accelerating, and staying in the correct lane, although the driver remains in control (autonomous driving is only considered from level 3). However, this data does not necessarily imply that Tesla is less safe than Honda or Subaru models, as the number of kilometers traveled is not considered in the study. Furthermore, it is a logical result given that Tesla’s fleet is larger than its counterparts.

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